Heroes for Kick-Butt Heroines

The first romantic suspense book I wrote (which will never be published), the heroine needed rescuing. A stalker was after her. The hero was a martial arts teacher and ultimately taught her enough tactics to defend herself, but she was a long way from the kick-butt heroines I wrote in The Good Daughter or Trust No One.

While there are still ‘ordinary’ women in extraordinary circumstances in romantic suspense stories--those every day moms and working women who find themselves on the run from or caught in the crosshairs of villains--many of today’s heroines are FBI or CIA agents, they’re military officers, sheriffs or spies, or in the case of Trust No One, both the women had been trained as assassins.

Which brings me to the point of this blog-what sort of heroes do these strong, well-trained, take-charge women need?


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